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First, review the questions below. And then if they don't help, you can submit a Support Ticket to us.

Category: Fantasy Playoffs
1.How do I set up my fantasy playoffs?
2.When determining which teams advance in the playoffs, how does the H2H sorting criteria work for leagues?
3.How do I set it up so the #1 seed is playing the Lower Seed?
4.Can I see some Examples of Playoff Brackets for my league?
5.How do I set up a loser/consolation bracket?
6.How do I view (or add to the home page) the Playoff Brackets?
7.How do I remove games from our fantasy schedule so that we can start our playoffs earlier?
8.How do I delete Extra/unwanted brackets for my playoffs?
9.How do I auto-seed the brackets or populate the Projected Playoff report?
10.How do I Manually Seed my Teams?
11.Why are teams not filled in on my Playoff Brackets?
12.Why are the playoffs still giving wins/losses on our standings reports?
13.We track year-to-date points for our teams for all weeks. How can we track teams that don't make it to the playoffs?
14.How do I award home field advantage for the playoffs?
15.How do I add denotations (x-,y-,z-) for Playoffs on my Standings?
16.Does MyFantasyLeague.com have support for two week playoff matchups?
17.How do I use the General Playoff Setup page?
18.Why do my playoff seeds keep changing when I have manually seeded my brackets?
19.Why is Week 17 missing from my league?
20.How are Ties handled in the Playoffs?
21.We use total points to run our fantasy playoffs, not brackets. How do I set this up for my league?
22.How do I use the Seed Playoff Teams page?
23.How do I use the Playoff Bracket page?
24.How do I use the Select A Packaged Playoff Bracket page?
25.How do I use the Playoff Schedule Setup page?

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