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Note: Dollar values shown are based relative to $1000 available funds for all franchiess in the league (i.e. the sum of all the franchises initial auction funds).
AAV Report
RankPlayerAvg $ ValueMin $ ValueMax $ Value% Selected
351Wagner, Bobby SEA LB$0.48$0.45$0.516
352Watt, J.J. ARI DE$0.48$0.30$0.756
353Cole, Keelan JAC WR$0.48$0.05$1.6735
354Dallas, DeeJay SEA RB$0.47$0.07$1.6237
355Allen, Zach ARI DE$0.47$0.07$0.966
356Wilson, Eric MIN LB$0.47$0.20$0.838
357Collins, Nico FA WR$0.47$0.17$1.046
358Harvey-Clemons, Josh WAS LB$0.47$0.04$1.0111
359Hightower, Dont'a NEP LB$0.46$0.15$0.708
360Edelman, Julian NEP WR$0.46$0.05$1.9540
361Williams, Leonard NYG DE$0.45$0.15$0.8111
362Williams, Trayveon CIN RB$0.45$0.05$1.4813
363Duvernay, Devin BAL WR$0.43$0.07$2.8422
364Spillane, Robert PIT LB$0.43$0.11$0.616
365White, James NEP RB$0.43$0.08$1.2542
366Miller, Anthony CHI WR$0.42$0.00$2.3637
367Akins, Jordan HOU TE$0.42$0.06$2.1826
368Williams, Darrel KCC RB$0.41$0.07$2.0322
369Ballage, Kalen LAC RB$0.41$0.05$2.2715
370Rudolph, Mason PIT QB$0.41$0.07$2.3115
371Gabbert, Blaine TBB QB$0.41$0.06$0.616
372Sims, Cam WAS WR$0.41$0.08$2.9931
373Fulgham, Travis PHI WR$0.40$0.05$1.0035
374Cook, Jared FA TE$0.40$0.04$1.2535
375Bowden, Lynn MIA RB$0.40$0.08$1.5642
376Perine, Lamical NYJ RB$0.39$0.00$1.5437
377Minshew, Gardner JAC QB$0.39$0.06$1.2935
378Gerry, Nate PHI LB$0.38$0.15$0.636
379Eskridge, D'Wayne FA WR$0.38$0.08$0.788
380Uzomah, C.J. CIN TE$0.36$0.07$1.4522
381Sanders, Emmanuel NOS WR$0.36$0.06$1.4633
382Lawson, Carl CIN DE$0.36$0.15$0.738
383Okwuegbunam, Albert DEN TE$0.35$0.06$1.0031
384Graham, Jimmy CHI TE$0.35$0.05$2.5728
385Funchess, Devin GBP WR$0.35$0.06$0.878
386Surratt, Sage FA WR$0.35$0.21$0.576
387Hyde, Carlos SEA RB$0.35$0.05$1.3124
388Asiasi, Devin NEP TE$0.35$0.06$1.3122
389Mond, Kellen FA QB$0.35$0.17$0.526
390Scott, Boston PHI RB$0.34$0.06$0.8933
391Smith, Alex WAS QB$0.34$0.06$1.1228
392Johnson, Kerryon DET RB$0.34$0.07$0.7933
393Gallman, Wayne NYG RB$0.34$0.00$1.0635
394Dalton, Andy DAL QB$0.34$0.08$1.3124
395King, Kevin GBP CB$0.34$0.03$0.836
396Chung, Patrick NEP S$0.34$0.04$0.836
397Hyde, Micah BUF S$0.33$0.04$0.766
398Doyle, Jack IND TE$0.33$0.08$1.2224
399Beal, Sam NYG CB$0.33$0.01$0.838
400Yeboah, Kenny FA TE$0.33$0.00$0.838
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