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Note: Dollar values shown are based relative to $1000 available funds for all franchiess in the league (i.e. the sum of all the franchises initial auction funds).
AAV Report
RankPlayerAvg $ ValueMin $ ValueMax $ Value% Selected
301Jarwin, Blake DAL TE$0.75$0.16$2.0837
302Morrow, Nicholas LVR LB$0.75$0.04$1.778
303Mitchell, Elijah FA RB$0.74$0.57$0.948
304Sneed, L'Jarius KCC CB$0.73$0.04$3.3311
305Gage, Russell ATL WR$0.72$0.06$3.4240
306Littleton, Cory LVR LB$0.72$0.15$1.316
307Diggs, Trevon DAL CB$0.71$0.08$1.678
308Green, A.J. CIN WR$0.71$0.08$4.1733
309Henderson, Darrell LAR RB$0.70$0.06$2.0844
310Schultz, Dalton DAL TE$0.69$0.06$3.2240
311Johnson, Ty NYJ RB$0.69$0.07$5.8424
312Lazard, Allen GBP WR$0.68$0.07$2.1346
313Williams, Damien KCC RB$0.68$0.07$2.6642
314Meyers, Jakobi NEP WR$0.68$0.08$1.7837
315Smith, Tre'Quan NOS WR$0.67$0.04$6.8840
316Cephus, Quintez DET WR$0.66$0.00$2.0340
317Mosley, C.J. NYJ LB$0.66$0.18$1.096
318Flowers, Trey DET DE$0.66$0.08$1.756
319Williams, Quinnen NYJ DE$0.65$0.60$0.698
320Rodgers, Amari FA WR$0.65$0.36$0.836
321Harry, N'Keal NEP WR$0.65$0.07$1.7240
322Taylor, J.J. NEP RB$0.64$0.07$4.1917
323Martinez, Blake NYG LB$0.64$0.60$0.698
324Njoku, David CLE TE$0.64$0.08$2.4333
325Gross-Matos, Yetur CAR DE$0.63$0.31$1.398
326McKissic, J.D. WAS RB$0.63$0.12$1.5440
327Clark, Chuck BAL S$0.62$0.08$1.456
328Michel, Sony NEP RB$0.62$0.06$1.6740
329Brees, Drew NOS QB$0.61$0.06$4.3620
330Richardson, Sheldon CLE DT$0.60$0.08$1.8213
331Washington, James PIT WR$0.59$0.00$2.9935
332Murphy-Bunting, Sean TBB CB$0.59$0.03$2.4522
333Bell, Le'Veon KCC RB$0.58$0.06$3.4242
334Alie-Cox, Mo IND TE$0.58$0.07$4.5328
335Love, Bryce WAS RB$0.57$0.07$2.5313
336Ngakoue, Yannick BAL DE$0.56$0.39$0.916
337Oliver, Ed BUF DT$0.55$0.30$1.208
338Peoples-Jones, Donovan CLE WR$0.55$0.00$1.5842
339Kelley, Joshua LAC RB$0.54$0.06$1.9440
340Herndon, Chris NYJ TE$0.54$0.07$1.6726
341Fitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB$0.53$0.06$1.7940
342Everett, Gerald LAR TE$0.52$0.06$1.6731
343Flacco, Joe NYJ QB$0.52$0.06$1.316
344Fitzpatrick, Minkah PIT S$0.51$0.07$1.136
345Reed, Jordan SFO TE$0.50$0.05$2.1813
346Murray, Latavius NOS RB$0.50$0.07$2.0840
347Moore, Kenny IND CB$0.50$0.04$0.9411
348Brown, John BUF WR$0.50$0.08$1.7731
349Fells, Darren HOU TE$0.49$0.05$1.648
350Hill, Justice BAL RB$0.49$0.06$3.1224
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