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Note: Dollar values shown are based relative to $1000 available funds for all franchiess in the league (i.e. the sum of all the franchises initial auction funds).
AAV Report
RankPlayerAvg $ ValueMin $ ValueMax $ Value% Selected
251Hill, Kylin FA RB$1.05$0.42$1.5011
252Mack, Marlon IND RB$1.03$0.14$5.9737
253Knox, Dawson BUF TE$1.03$0.08$3.7940
254Williams, Seth FA WR$1.02$0.33$1.728
255Gardner-Johnson, Chauncey NOS S$1.02$0.04$2.836
256Winovich, Chase NEP DE$1.01$0.23$2.536
257Maye, Marcus NYJ S$1.00$0.25$1.788
258Bernard, Giovani CIN RB$0.99$0.07$12.8540
259Edwards, Bryan LVR WR$0.99$0.00$3.5931
260Pierre-Paul, Jason TBB DE$0.99$0.30$1.586
261Hardman, Mecole KCC WR$0.98$0.29$2.8940
262Wright, K.J. SEA LB$0.98$0.13$3.8911
263Williams, Jamaal GBP RB$0.98$0.15$4.2140
264Dean, Jamel TBB CB$0.98$0.07$2.026
265Brown, Dyami FA WR$0.97$0.47$1.5611
266Howard, Xavien MIA CB$0.97$0.06$4.4915
267Hamler, KJ DEN WR$0.96$0.14$3.8335
268Winfield, Antoine TBB S$0.96$0.42$1.966
269Amos, Adrian GBP S$0.95$0.12$2.768
270Hunter, Danielle MIN DE$0.95$0.42$1.1311
271Mattison, Alexander MIN RB$0.93$0.00$2.0842
272Lindsay, Phillip DEN RB$0.93$0.00$5.5442
273Sweat, Montez WAS DE$0.90$0.71$1.256
274Patterson, Jaret FA RB$0.90$0.64$1.336
275Davis, Mike CAR RB$0.90$0.06$5.0044
276Jefferson, Van LAR WR$0.89$0.21$2.5028
277Heinicke, Taylor WAS QB$0.88$0.04$7.3657
278Parham, Donald LAC TE$0.87$0.00$9.6351
279Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QB$0.87$0.08$1.7933
280Agholor, Nelson LVR WR$0.86$0.07$5.0037
281Edwards, Gus BAL RB$0.86$0.00$2.8542
282Burkhead, Rex NEP RB$0.86$0.05$3.4311
283Stevenson, Rhamondre FA RB$0.86$0.21$1.258
284Vaughn, Ke'Shawn TBB RB$0.86$0.32$2.5937
285Tuitt, Stephon PIT DE$0.85$0.08$2.9713
286Landry, Harold TEN LB$0.85$0.11$3.2215
287Bryant, Harrison CLE TE$0.85$0.14$2.5326
288Simmons, Jeffery TEN DT$0.84$0.47$2.1711
289Howard, O.J. TBB TE$0.83$0.08$3.2533
290Jackson, Justin LAC RB$0.82$0.00$3.9337
291Reader, D.J. CIN DT$0.80$0.12$1.906
292Tavai, Jahlani DET LB$0.80$0.04$1.676
293Johnson, Collin JAC WR$0.79$0.06$7.7142
294Ahmed, Salvon MIA RB$0.78$0.06$9.4340
295Ebron, Eric PIT TE$0.78$0.07$2.9233
296Hawkins, Javian FA RB$0.78$0.17$1.3013
297Gay, Willie KCC LB$0.77$0.21$1.676
298Bosa, Joey LAC DE$0.77$0.08$1.136
299Coutee, Keke HOU WR$0.77$0.04$4.0433
300Slayton, Darius NYG WR$0.76$0.00$1.8240
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