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Note: Dollar values shown are based relative to $1000 available funds for all franchiess in the league (i.e. the sum of all the franchises initial auction funds).
AAV Report
RankPlayerAvg $ ValueMin $ ValueMax $ Value% Selected
501Butler, Hakeem PHI TE$1.24$0.13$13.438
502Davis, Ashtyn NYJ S$1.24$0.31$4.338
503Hill, Justice BAL RB$1.24$0.06$6.4513
504Peterson, Patrick MIN CB$1.23$0.00$5.9912
505Holcomb, Cole WAS LB$1.23$0.10$8.2710
506Sneed, L'Jarius KCC CB$1.23$0.31$4.169
507Wilkins, Christian MIA DT$1.22$0.29$4.616
508Sims, Cam WAS WR$1.20$0.00$6.2721
509Okwuegbunam, Albert DEN TE$1.20$0.06$5.179
510McCourty, Devin NEP S$1.19$0.09$8.1719
511Bynes, Josh CIN LB$1.18$0.00$4.469
512Smith, Alex FA QB$1.18$0.06$14.8816
513Uzomah, C.J. CIN TE$1.17$0.08$10.0425
514Davis, Michael LAC CB$1.16$0.12$3.276
515Brate, Cameron TBB TE$1.16$0.04$9.0618
516Bradberry, James NYG CB$1.16$0.31$3.468
517Thomas, Solomon LVR DT$1.15$0.03$4.226
518Callaway, Marquez NOS WR$1.13$0.06$7.4915
519Doyle, Jack IND TE$1.13$0.06$6.8826
520Williams, Trayveon CIN RB$1.13$0.06$5.725
521Fatukasi, Foley NYJ DT$1.12$0.00$3.548
522Bass, Tyler BUF PK$1.12$0.02$4.9610
523Omenihu, Charles HOU DE$1.11$0.16$6.2524
524Moreau, Foster LVR TE$1.11$0.00$7.5811
525Graham, Jimmy CHI TE$1.11$0.00$5.6124
526Peters, Marcus BAL CB$1.11$0.31$2.639
527Rosen, Josh SFO QB$1.10$0.08$4.155
528Reed, Jarran KCC DT$1.09$0.29$5.089
529Johnson, Ty NYJ RB$1.09$0.00$6.8818
530Davenport, Marcus NOS DE$1.09$0.17$2.998
531Fairbairn, Ka'imi HOU PK$1.09$0.06$9.506
532Ward, Greg PHI WR$1.08$0.06$6.0712
533White, Kyzir LAC LB$1.08$0.03$6.588
534Foles, Nick CHI QB$1.07$0.06$9.9214
535Arcega-Whiteside, JJ PHI WR$1.07$0.06$5.446
536Addison, Mario BUF DE$1.06$0.06$7.246
537Jenkins, Jordan HOU DE$1.06$0.18$3.755
538Klein, A.J. BUF LB$1.05$0.25$2.925
539Humphries, Adam WAS WR$1.05$0.04$7.8816
540Sims, Steven WAS WR$1.05$0.06$6.0110
541Mullen, Trayvon LVR CB$1.05$0.27$4.045
542Jeffery, Alshon FA WR$1.05$0.06$9.2918
543Guyton, Jalen LAC WR$1.05$0.08$4.9614
544Brissett, Jacoby MIA QB$1.04$0.06$3.6513
545Epps, Marcus PHI S$1.04$0.00$6.4622
546Reed, D.J. SEA CB$1.03$0.17$3.5614
547Henderson, Darrell LAR RB$1.03$0.00$2.8410
548Gardner-Johnson, Chauncey NOS S$1.03$0.28$4.675
549Jenkins, Rayshawn JAC S$1.03$0.22$5.4014
550Mayowa, Benson SEA DE$1.02$0.00$5.6213
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