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Note: Dollar values shown are based relative to $1000 available funds for all franchiess in the league (i.e. the sum of all the franchises initial auction funds).
AAV Report
RankPlayerAvg $ ValueMin $ ValueMax $ Value% Selected
201Cooks, Brandin HOU WR$4.35$0.54$37.6437
202Sprinkle, Jeremy WAS TE$4.33$0.04$166.6717
203Fant, Noah DEN TE$4.31$1.00$31.0033
204Minshew, Gardner JAC QB$4.30$0.19$33.7645
205St. Brown, Equanimeous GBP WR$4.23$0.04$166.6716
206Williams, Tyrell LVR WR$4.20$0.04$250.0031
207Hopkins, Brycen LAR TE$4.20$0.00$166.6731
208Hurst, Hayden ATL TE$4.20$0.67$29.7940
209Kirksey, Christian GBP LB$4.17$0.16$18.337
210Howard, Jordan MIA RB$4.17$0.01$30.2140
211Freeman, Royce DEN RB$4.15$0.04$250.0027
212Ravens, Baltimore BAL Def$4.08$0.58$14.395
213Donald, Aaron LAR DT$4.08$0.60$10.756
214Hicks, Jordan ARI LB$4.07$0.54$19.588
215Duvernay, Devin BAL WR$4.07$0.06$43.1847
216Rivers, Philip IND QB$4.05$0.08$41.2543
217Samuels, Jaylen PIT RB$3.97$0.00$250.0030
218Collins, Landon WAS S$3.96$0.33$15.387
219Beasley, Cole BUF WR$3.93$0.05$250.0037
220Hill, K.J. LAC WR$3.93$0.00$250.0037
221Walker, P.J. CAR QB$3.91$0.00$166.6719
222Jefferson, Van LAR WR$3.91$0.20$39.5749
223Mack, Khalil CHI LB$3.89$0.00$19.027
224Barrett, Shaq TBB LB$3.89$0.00$18.659
225Bosa, Joey LAC DE$3.86$0.93$7.455
226David, Lavonte TBB LB$3.79$0.21$25.477
227Kendricks, Eric MIN LB$3.78$0.21$15.838
228Davis, Gabriel BUF WR$3.76$0.00$166.6737
229Ngakoue, Yannick JAC DE$3.70$0.54$15.078
230Hockenson, T.J. DET TE$3.67$0.61$25.0031
231Hunt, Kareem CLE RB$3.67$0.89$15.4833
232Keenum, Case CLE QB$3.67$0.07$83.3310
233Brown, Marquise BAL WR$3.65$0.42$10.2732
234Williams, Damien KCC RB$3.65$0.00$44.0442
235Crosby, Maxx LVR DE$3.61$0.21$15.078
236Carr, Derek LVR QB$3.60$0.07$22.0138
237Reynolds, Josh LAR WR$3.59$0.08$250.0042
238White, James NEP RB$3.59$0.30$33.7942
239Jones, Marvin DET WR$3.58$0.17$33.7542
240Coutee, Keke HOU WR$3.57$0.03$166.6720
241Baker, Budda ARI S$3.56$0.00$13.588
242Brate, Cameron TBB TE$3.52$0.02$250.0034
243Ollison, Qadree ATL RB$3.51$0.05$83.3310
244Jordan, Cameron NOS DE$3.48$0.04$15.426
245Davis, Demario NOS LB$3.47$0.08$12.158
246Williams, Trayveon CIN RB$3.47$0.04$83.3310
247Hicks, Akiem CHI DE$3.46$0.04$15.006
248Hooper, Austin CLE TE$3.46$0.25$10.7638
249Houston, Justin IND DE$3.45$0.08$12.158
250Guice, Derrius WAS RB$3.44$0.83$9.6734
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