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Note: Dollar values shown are based relative to $1000 available funds for all franchiess in the league (i.e. the sum of all the franchises initial auction funds).
AAV Report
RankPlayerAvg $ ValueMin $ ValueMax $ Value% Selected
551McCoy, LeSean FA RB$0.60$0.06$3.335
552Juszczyk, Kyle SFO RB$0.60$0.06$8.509
553Erickson, Alex CIN WR$0.58$0.07$6.005
554Allen, Kyle WAS QB$0.57$0.00$4.8726
555Hollister, Jacob SEA TE$0.56$0.07$6.436
556Callaway, Marquez NOS WR$0.55$0.03$4.088
557Hodgins, Isaiah BUF WR$0.54$0.00$8.1220
558Luton, Jake JAC QB$0.52$0.00$9.5015
559Morgan, James NYJ QB$0.51$0.02$5.8016
560McDonald, Cole TEN QB$0.51$0.00$2.7019
561Hauschka, Steven BUF PK$0.50$0.08$0.855
562Hoyer, Brian NEP QB$0.49$0.00$2.7621
563Miller, Lamar FA RB$0.49$0.04$3.337
564Brissett, Jacoby IND QB$0.49$0.00$4.7726
565Perry, Malcolm MIA QB$0.48$0.00$4.085
566Isabella, Andy ARI WR$0.48$0.08$4.3823
567Huntley, Jason DET RB$0.48$0.00$5.8114
568Thomas, Logan WAS TE$0.47$0.07$3.405
569Richard, Jalen LVR RB$0.47$0.04$5.0420
570Feaster, Tavien JAC RB$0.47$0.00$3.338
571Laird, Patrick MIA RB$0.46$0.05$3.3310
572Lee, Marqise NEP WR$0.46$0.03$6.0312
573Yeldon, T.J. BUF RB$0.45$0.06$3.3315
574Bellamy, LaVante DEN RB$0.44$0.00$2.0711
575Akins, Jordan HOU TE$0.43$0.04$2.3611
576Gordon, Josh FA WR$0.42$0.07$3.157
577Boone, Mike MIN RB$0.42$0.05$4.0314
578Phillips, Scottie HOU RB$0.42$0.02$1.899
579Sullivan, Stephen SEA TE$0.41$0.02$2.509
580Gordon, Anthony SEA QB$0.38$0.02$1.8014
581Thomas, Jeff NEP WR$0.38$0.00$2.0820
582Johnson, Juwan NOS WR$0.38$0.03$2.025
583Lipscomb, Kalija KCC WR$0.37$0.00$1.966
584Leake, Javon NYG RB$0.37$0.02$1.616
585Wilson, Jeffery SFO RB$0.37$0.04$4.2216
586Stevens, Tommy NOS QB$0.35$0.05$1.795
587Osborn, K.J. MIN WR$0.34$0.00$1.3514
588Hill, Josh NOS TE$0.33$0.07$1.706
589Jennings, Jauan SFO WR$0.31$0.03$2.3813
590Dowdle, Rico DAL RB$0.30$0.02$1.388
591Lewerke, Brian NEP QB$0.30$0.06$1.215
592Bonnafon, Reggie CAR RB$0.28$0.04$1.9315
593Ballage, Kalen MIA RB$0.27$0.05$1.508
594Mullens, Nick SFO QB$0.26$0.04$1.4415
595Miller, Scott TBB WR$0.25$0.04$1.738
596Ginn Jr., Ted CHI WR$0.24$0.04$0.985
597Johnson, Ty DET RB$0.24$0.07$1.155
598Gallman, Wayne NYG RB$0.22$0.05$0.8610
599Enunwa, Quincy NYJ WR$0.18$0.07$0.656
600Davis, Quartney MIN WR$0.18$0.00$0.808
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