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Developer's API Changes (Published Thu May 9 11:55:15 a.m. ET 2019)

During this offseason we've made a few changes to the MyFantasyLeague.com Developer's API. These changes are described below. At this time we don't expect to make any further changes other than to fix any bugs that are identified. In some rare cases fixing these bugs may require changes to the API clients but we will do what we can to avoid that.

  • Replaced the current Make Draft Pick API with a whole new one. The old one, done via the 'live_chat' URI will continue to work until July. After that only the 'live_draft' version will work. This new version requires specifying the round and pick number when making a draft pick. It also provides new commissioner-only functionality to allow the commissioner to make picks on behalf of any owner as well as to control the draft. Click here for more info on this Drafting API
  • The draft results and status XML files will now contain information about which franchise is "on the clock" as well as the draft timer status.
  • The import acquireFreeAgent call has been removed. Use the import fcfsWaiver API call instead.
  • Adding multiple players in the same fcfsWaiver call is no longer allowed. This is to be consistent with the behavior of the web site interface. In addition, it fixes an issue when attempting to drop a player without adding one.
  • A number of bugs with the import blindBidWaiverRequest have been fixed.
  • The export transactions API now has more options for filtering the results based on the transaction type.
  • The export and import tradeBait APIs were very buggy and have been completely rewritten. It now supports trade picks and Blind Bid amounts when listed as trade bait. The interface remains the same.
  • The export projectedScores API request has been updated as well. Some old undocumented features in it are no longer supported.
  • The import tradeProposal and tradeResponse were not sending emails and/or texts properly to the other franchise in some cases. This has been fixed.
  • The import messageBoard API now supports posting messages as the commissioner.
  • The APIKEY parameter that can be used to avoid having to pass a user cookie will no longer work for Commissioner requests. It was too big of a security risk to allow that.
  • The export league API call was showing in some cases information that owners have requested not to be shared (like email address and cell phone number). This API call will now honor those settings all the time.
  • Most API calls made to leagues marked as 'PRIVATE' are now restricted, so now in order for the API call to return the information, it will require a cookie from a league member.