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New Home Page Module and Tabs Setup (Published Thu Feb 21 4:52:44 p.m. ET 2019)

There is a new setup screen for the Home Page Modules and Tab Setup option. This screen will now show all of the tabs on one page to make it easier to visualize and manage the overall home page layout. You can add and remove tabs from this page, and you can move each tab around within the layout. You can also rename any individual tab by clicking on the link for the tab name. Some things to keep in mind when setting up the tabs with modules:

  • There is a maximum of 9 Tabs allowed on the home page.
  • Each Home Page Module can only be used once. So if a module is already being used on an existing tab, then it can't be added to another tab. You would have to remove it from the tab first in order to add it to a different tab.
  • Each Tab is required to have at least one "Column" entry, even if it is just a "New Column (100%)" entry at the top.
  • You can Delete a Tab completely by removing all of the home page modules from it first.

There is also a new method for specifying the columns and column widths on each tab. Previously, you would use the "Add New Column" option to add a column and specify the width. Now there is a "Set Column Widths" option instead, and it can be used to either Add New Columns OR to Edit Existing Columns. When you click on the "Set Column Widths" option, you will be asked to enter ALL of the column widths at once, separated by commas. So if you want two equal sized columns, you would enter "50,50". If you want one narrow and one wide column on the top of the tab, followed by a full-width column at the bottom of the tab, then you would enter "33,67,100", for example. If you want to make 3 columns, you could enter "33,33,34". The key is to have them all add up to 100% (or a multiple of 100% if you are adding more than one section to the same tab). Note that after you add or edit the desired column widths, you can still move them around (up or down) within the tab as needed.