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Top 10 Support Questions
1.How do I set up a keeper/dynasty league draft on


If you have a keeper or dynasty league where some or all players on rosters are carried over from year to year, there is a certain sequence of events that you will need to go through to prepare for your league for the new season on This How To guide will walk you through those steps.


  1. From your 2018 league home page, log in as the league commissioner, and click on the commissioner home page message link to upgrade your league to a 2019 league. Log into this new 2019 league as Commissioner.

NOTE: Once you upgrade your league you will no longer use the 2018 to perform any transactions or make changes as this will now be kept as a historical reference.

  1. Go to the For Commissioners > Setup > Transfer Rosters screen and check the checkbox next to each player that should be transferred from the 2018 end-of-season rosters. This will move those players onto each owner's active roster for your 2018 league, and make those players un-draftable for your 2019 league.

NOTE: Transferring a roster is a one time process. Should you need to adjust an owners roster at this point you will use the Setup > Load/Unload Rosters.

If you are a full Dynasty League then you are all set!

If you are a Keeper league, follow the instructions below:

If your League Chooses to Run an Online Draft: (optional)

  1. Go to your 2019 league is set up to hold an on-line draft by going to your For Commissioner > Setup > General League Setup page and make sure that the "Initial Rosters are Setup by: Email or Live Draft"

  1. Use the Setup > Draft Order Setup - One Round option to manually account for future draft pick trades as these will be automatically accounted for when importing your traded picks.

    1. If you had a 2018 league with us, and allowed owners to trade future year draft picks in 2018, go to the Setup > Import Future Draft Picks option to have the system automatically update your 2019 draft order based on the actual 2018 draft pick trades.

      NOTE: It is important that you do this step BEFORE letting owners actively trade on the site, as otherwise there will be confusion due what looks like duplicate listings of draft picks on your For Owners > Trades.

    Keepers Setup

    1. Go to the Setup > league_id&C=KEEPERS"> Keepers Setup screen and define your minimum and maximum values for your keepers.

    1. Once you've set up keeper requirements, you will need to go to the Setup > League Calendar Setup page to set up a "Select Keepers" system event in which owners can select their keepers. You will need both a Start and End date for this event.

    Selecting Keepers

    During this time, owners will go to the For Owners > Select Keepers page to declare their keepers.

    NOTE: If the commissioner is selecting keepers on owners behalf they will also use the For Owners > Select Keepers page to declare these players.

    1. Once the keeper deadline has been reached, The commissioner will need to process these keepers by going to the Setup > Load Keepers. The screen will display the players selected by each owner. As commissioner you will simply process these keeper requests for your owners. Any players not selected will be dropped from the roster.

    (Optional) If you enabled an Online Draft, you will have the option to place these players "in lieu of" a draft pick if you choose to run an online draft and have your Draft Order defined. For example, if your league rules dictate that an owner can keep up to three players, in lieu of their first 3 rounds of draft picks, when the commissioner loads the keepers onto the rosters at the beginning of the season, he may indicate what draft pick the owner has given up for that keeper player. Once the commissioner has completed the "Select keepers" step, the system will automatically update the draft report to indicate the keeper players in their appropriate slot, and also automatically skip over that pick when it comes up in your draft.


    Go to the Setup > Load/Unload Rosters page, and indicate what players initially should be put on what rosters for each franchise. This will make those players un-draftable for your 2019 league.

    Then follow the steps above to have the owners select their keepers or the commissioner select keepers on the owners behalf.

    For first year leagues you can either load the players entire previous year roster and allow them to select keepers or simply load the keeper players only for the rosters.


    Assigning the "K" on the Rosters Report:

    To assign the "K" or "Keeper" status on the Reports > Rosters for these kept players you can go to the Setup > Edit Player Acquired Info to manually update this information.



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2.How do I Upgrade my last year's league to this year?

Answer: Go to your league and log in as commissioner. Once logged in go to your home page where a message should appear with a link to upgrade your league to this year. Follow these instructions and you will create your league for the new NFL season.

If you don't see the message at the top of the page regarding how to upgrade your league, it may be due to custom coding you've entered into the site. The short-term work-around to this problem is to go to the "This Page > Printer Friendly" page from your league home page, which should allow you to see the important messages from us, including how to upgrade your league. The longer-term, right solution to this problem is to eliminate the custom coding you've entered into the site that is hiding these messages. The messages we attempt to display to you on the top of our league home page are essential help for you in properly running your league, and you're sure to miss more of these important messages in the future, too.

Note: Once you upgrade to a new season you should not use your old season's league for transactions, but instead use only as a historical reference.

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3.What information gets transferred over when I upgrade my 2018 league to 2019?

Answer: In general, things that are specific to a season do not get carried over, and things that might be common across all seasons for a league do get carried over. To give specific examples of things that are not carried over from season-to-season:

• Message board posts. If you'd like to carry over a message board post from year to year, you'll need to copy/paste the post from your 2018 league message board into your 2019 league message board. Note that the abilities are turned off for all owners when upgrading so you will need to go to the Setup > Abilities setup to enable at least 1 owner to post in order to view the message board.

• Accounting balances. If your league allows owners to carry over accounting balances from year to year, you'll need to use the "Edit Accounting Records" page on your 2019 league to manually give franchises the appropriate start of the season debits/credits.

• Polls, articles, standings, transactions.

To give specific examples of things that are carried over from season-to-season:

• All league rules, including league scoring rules.

• All league calendar events. The system attempts to automatically adjust dates for all calendar events for the new year, but you must review your 2019 league calendar to make sure it is correct for the new year. Note that this season, 2017, we have revamped our entire waiver process. You would have needed to reset these in 2017, but if set for the year these events will carry forward beyond that time. If you have modified your events please visit the How do I setup my Add/Drops on MFL? for details on resetting these.

• All franchise names and other franchise information entered on the franchise setup pages. Owners are automatically linked to the new season when you upgrade so they will simply need to log into their MFL Account to access their team.

• League appearance/colors/skins/fonts/etc.

• League rosters (however, these require an extra step and for keeper/dynasty leagues via the Transfer Rosters screen). Also see the How do I setup a Keeper/Dynasty League? page for additional, related information.

• If you use blind bidding dollars, you can enable the option BEFORE upgrading on the < a target="_blank" href="">Blind Bid Setup "Carry Blind Bid Balances To Next Year When Upgrading League?". This must be done prior to upgrade to transfer these.

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4.How do I set up a league on


While there are countless ways to define a fantasy league using, there are a number of basic steps that all new commissioners should take.  The following should be used as a guideline to help you to define much of your league's setup in a short amount of time.

When creating a league, At a minimum, you'll need to define on the General League Setup a

  • League Name - Enter the name for your Fantasy League
  • League Email - this is your email you will use as commissioner
  • Number of Franchises - total number of franchises in your league
  • Roster Spots - total number of roster players

You can also select how rosters are determined (draft, auction etc) at the start of the season and your schedule type for the season.  Additionally on this screen you can enable more advanced options such as Salaries, IR and Taxi.

Once you click on the Save League Setup button, the system will generate a new league for you. There's absolutely no purchase obligation for setting up a league.  You can also make alterations to these setup parameters at any time for your league.

NOTE: Upon completion of this step, you will be taken back to your home page. The "League Setup - Next Steps" message will appear only for the commissioner account. At the top It will include your 5-digit league ID which corresponds to the last 5 characters of your home page web address (URL).

  1. Define your franchise (team) information using the For Owners > Franchise Setup menu item.  At a minimum it's a good idea to define the email addresses for all the owners in your league as soon as you can.  If you don't have all the addresses now, this isn't a problem as you can always come back to this screen in the future.  You might also want to define a team name for each franchise.  Click on the Save Franchise Setup button to store all your changes.
  2. Select the positions your league wishes to use on the For Commissioners > Setup > Starting Lineup Setup screen.
  3. Define your league's scoring rules using the For Commissioners > Setup > Select a Packaged Scoring System system or create your own customized rules on the Custom Scoring Setup screen.
  4. Set your league's fantasy schedule using the For Commissioners > Fantasy Schedule Setup screens.  Either choose a pre-packaged system schedule from Select A Packaged Schedule , manually define a schedule one week at a time via Weekly Schedule Setup or use the Schedule Generator.
  5. Define your league's waivers (player adds & drops) using the For Commissioners > Setup > General Add/Drop Setup. For details on these parameters see the How to Setup Waivers/FA on MFL.
  6. Set up your parameters for your upcoming Draft or Auction.  See the detailed Tutorials for instructions on setting up these features and how to properly define them for your league to ensure the best draft experience.
  7. Create your own playoff brackets by selecting one of our Packaged options on the Package Playoff Bracket Setup. Or create your own customized brackets. For details check out the How to Setup Fantasy Playoffs.
  8. Finally, use the For Commissioners > Setup > Invite Franchise Owners screen to invite owners to your newly-created league.  Owners will follow the instructions in their email to access is one of the most customizable sites in fantasy football, so you have the opportunity to stop here and you are all set for the season, or you can go to the For Commissioner > Setup screen to explore many of the feature rich options that we offer and apply this to your league.

At this point your league is fully defined and ready to use.  However, we've spent a lot of time to give you some extra bells and whistles.  The majority of items used to customize the appearance of your menu are found in the Setup - Appearance Setup screens.

NOTE: On every setup page there is a link in the menu for Help > "Help on this Page". Click this to view details of all the options on a specific setup page.

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5.How do I Create My Draft List & Draft Preferences?

Answer: The My Draft List allows an owner to create his or her own customized master draft list which can either be used for an online MFL-hosted draft, or printed off to be used for an offline draft. It is primarily used as a guide to aid an owner in actively making his or her picks throughout the entire draft.

  1. To create your Draft List simply go to your For Owners > My Draft List.
  2. The left hand column is a list of all Available players based on your league settings. You are able to sort the players either via the Rank, ADP, Alphabetically, Bye Week, YTD Points or Salary.
  3. To add players to your list simply highlight the players name and click the button Add To List >. This will add the player to the right handed column, your Current My Draft List.

    Alternately you can highlight a player from the right hand column and remove them from your Current My Draft List by choosing the "Remove From List" button in the event a player is mistakenly added.

  4. Once you have added your players to your Current My Draft List you may arrange them in order of importance to aid in your draft by using the Action buttons. Highlight the player you with to move and click either the Move Up or Move Down buttons to place them in their proper position.
  5. When finished, you MUST click on the Save My Draft List button in order to apply your changes.

If you conduct your draft on, and rely on the system to pick your roster for you via either by the my draft list player list, Player Rank or the ADP you can have more control over what position is picked in what round of your draft.

Go to the For Owners > Set Draft Preferences and select one or more positions to pick in each round of your draft. If the system does make a pick for that owner in that round of the draft, the system will first try to pick a player in the position that the owner has specified on this page. This will give the owner a lot more control over what positions are filled when, preventing things like selecting too many backup players in any one position.

NOTE: If you wish to use the entire ADP or FantasySharks Player Rankings you can go to the "IMPORT" and import the entire list. Then you can edit this list as needed for your My Draft List.

Additionally the draft list will always display all players (rookies and vets) despite the draft type selected. You can customize your order and filter to Rookies only by making sure that you choose to display Rookies on the Setup > Reports & Security Settings.

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6.I want to join a league - how do I join a league on your site?


In general, we are a hosting site, so the leagues are all run by independent commissioners, and they are responsible for gathering their friends, family, or co-workers together to form a league. But there are some options to join a league as an independent owner: You can contact one of our corporate affiliates: and/or check out our "Leagues looking for owners, owners looking for leagues" community forum at

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7.How do I Change my Email Address?

Answer: Commissioner: To change your email address go to the For Commissioner > Setup > General League Setup and you can define your new email address here. Be sure to click Save League Setup when complete.

Owners: To change your email address go to the For Owners > Franchise Setup and you can change your email address here. Be sure to click Save Franchise Setup when complete.

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8.How do I Change the Commissioner for our league?

Answer: Once your league has been upgraded to a new 2019 league, have the current commissioner grant the new commissioner access on the For Commissioner > Setup > Grant Commissioner Access by selecting their franchise.

Next, update the commissioner email address on the For Commissioners > Setup > General League Setup screen.

Finally, have the new commissioner log into the league and in the upper right hand corner of the home page click the "Become Commissioner" link. They can remove the previous owners commissioner access by unchecking the option on the For Commissioner > Setup > Grant Commissioner Access page.

Note that the new commissioner will first need to register with an MFL Account. They will then need to link their MFL Account to their franchise before being granted commissioner access.

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9.How do I Pre-Draft?

Answer: If your league is holding an on-line draft then you can use this feature to help pick your players prior to your turn and help speed along the draft. This is also useful if you are not able to draft for a future round. You can enter your pre-draft picks for that round and the system will choose the highest priority player.

Please note that Pre-draft picks are selected for you as soon as it is your turn to pick in the draft. To have a compiled list for your draft in which you, the owner, can make your own picks, but are not picked from immediately please use the My Draft List.

Also note that if you are not going to be drafting for majority of your rounds you will instead want to define the My Draft List and My Draft Preferences instead of creating pre-draft picks for each individual round of your draft. The pre-draft feature is designed for the upcoming pick or 2 to help speed up your draft, especially in an email draft situation.

Pre-Draft Picks – Round 1

  1. Go to the For Owners > Draft.
  2. From the Player To Add: list, highlight the player in which you would like to add to your Pre-draft List. You can filter players on this available fantasy free agent list by using the “Show Only” pull-down box to obtain a subset of the list (by position or NFL team).
  3. Click the Add To List> button.
  4. Continue steps 2. and 3. above for any pick you’d like to attempt in the round. Keep in mind, adding more players will increase your chances for getting a player in that round.
  5. Once players are added, highlight the individual players and use the Move Pick Up or Move Pick Down buttons to prioritize them in the order which you would like them drafted. You may also use the
  6. After prioritizing your list you MUST click the Save These Picks and Continue button save your picks for that round and receive confirmation.

Pre-Draft Picks – Round 2 (Subsequent Rounds)

Once Round 1 picks are saved successfully you will be ready to make picks for Round 2. Round 1 Saved picks will appear at the top of the Pre-Draft page.

  1. Optionally, you can choose the “Add All From Previous Round>>” button to add all players from Round 1 to your Round 2 Draft.
  2. Now repeat steps 2 through 6 from Pre-Draft Picks – Round 1 to add your picks for subsequent rounds.

Pre-Draft Future Rounds

In the event that you will not be available for future rounds of drafting during a live draft you have the option to Pre-draft those rounds.

  1. Go to For Owners > Draft.
  2. Choose at the round that you would like to make a pick for at the bottom of the Page from the drop down field listed next to the “Or, you may go immediately to:” XX Be sure to click the “Now!” button to move to that round of picks.
  3. Follow steps 2 through 6 in Pre-Draft Picks – Round 1.

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10.I've done a ton of customization to my site, to the point where I can't see the league upgrade message at the top of last year's home page - how can I upgrade my league?

Answer: Some folks who customize their league page appearance accidentally hide our "Upgrade this league from last year to this year" message that we display to commissioners at the top of your league home page. To get around this issue, just choose the This Page > Printer Friendly Page option, and then you'll be able to see our upgrade message at the top of your league home page.

Note that we strongly discourage customers from using any custom coding on their site that hide these types of messages from us, as not only will it prevent you from seeing messages about upgrading your league, it will also prevent you from seeing other important messages from us that are essential in the proper operation of your league throughout the entire season.

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