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Edit Custom Players (Published Thu May 16 2:36:43 p.m. ET 2019)

We've updated the Custom Players option to add more flexibility for leagues that need to use it for devy players and various other uses. Here is a summary of this feature:

  • There is a still a limit of 200 custom players.
  • However, custom Players can now be deleted if they haven't been used in the current season. This will allow slots to be reused for new devy players or other needs when the league is upgraded to the new season.
  • The first name is no longer required, so you can have players with just a last name (some leagues use custom players to create tradeable draft picks, and didn't need a first name).
  • You can still edit the team or position of a custom player at anytime, and you can still hide a custom player if needed, even if they've already been used in the current season.