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Previously Processed Waivers (Published Thu Mar 21 12:09:48 p.m. ET 2019)

The Previously Processed Waivers Report has been updated to be more prominent and useful to both owners and commissioners:

  • The new version of the report is accessible from the Reports > Franchise > Previously Processed Waivers menu item for both owners and commissioners. The old "For Commissioners > Previously Processed Waivers" menu item has been removed.
  • The report now shows up all the time (for leagues that use waivers), and therefore the previous "Franchise Abilities" setting for controlling who can view this report has been removed.
  • There is a new option on the Reports and Security Settings screen to "Show Previously Processed Waivers Report details?" instead. This will control whether or not owners can view the details of all requests on this report. If it is set to "No", then the system will hide the details of all players involved in non-fulfilled claims, and owners will only be able to see details of their own claims.
  • If the Commissioner Lockout option on the Abilities Setup page is set to "Yes", then the system will also hide the details from the commissioner as well.
In summary, the Previously Processed Waivers report is now visible all the time to owners so they can confirm requests easier and answer their own questions about how/why waivers were processed without having to ask the commissioner, but it also has the option to hide the details of unfulfilled requests from other franchises if desired.