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Draft Order Setup (Published Wed Mar 13 11:47:27 a.m. ET 2019)

We added some flexibility to the Draft Order Setup - One Round screen and made it more mobile friendly as well. This setup screen now allows you to add franchises as many times as needed, so you can have a draft round with more than one pick for a team. You can also remove teams completely, so you can also have a draft round without all of the teams. There is also a new option to set the draft order for the current round AND also set it for all future rounds (or odd/even rounds). Therefore, you'll be able to use the Setup One Round page to create totally customized draft orders for one round or multiple rounds as needed.

Note that you still need to set up your custom draft order BEFORE you make any trades for draft picks. So this new flexibility only applies if you haven't already imported Future Draft Pick Trades, and if you haven't already allowed trading of current draft picks.