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Live Draft Room updates (Published Fri Mar 1 2:03:25 p.m. ET 2019)

The Live Draft Room has been updated to offer better performance on the back end and a more streamlined layout on the front end. Here are the highlights:

  • The Player Selection window has been updated to allow more filtering and sorting and better search options. You can filter by NFL Team or Player Position, or search for players by typing all or part of a player name. You can sort the list by any column, including the Fantasy Sharks Player Rankings, the ADP rankings, or the Projected Points
  • The Player bio section has been removed to save space. Instead, you can now click on a player name in the Player Window or in the Work List, and then click on the "Player Info" button to see the player pop-up page with more info about the player.
  • Drafted Players in the "Draft Picks" section are now linked as well, so you can click on any player name to view their player pop-up information.
  • The Player Lists should be more dynamic and accurate now, even when the "Undo" option is used to roll back some picks. The draft room window should not need to be refreshed after an Undo Pick anymore.
  • The Timer section has been cleaned up and the "On Deck" Franchise was added to the display under the timer in addition to the "On the Clock" Franchise.
  • The Draft messages have been updated to be clearer and more descriptive, and they will also pop-up to make them more apparent for an individual owner if they try to draft an invalid player (because of roster limits or various other league rules).