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New Draft Timer Auto-Pick Behavior (Published Mon Feb 25 10:31:33 a.m. ET 2019)

The options for making auto-picks during a draft have been streamlined and updated on the General Draft and Timer Setup screen. Here is the order of processing the auto-picks by the system when the timer expires:

  1. If it is a Live Draft, then the system will check the owner's Work List which is specified on the Live Draft screen by the owner.
  2. Then it will check the owner's My Draft List.
  3. If neither of those lists has any players remaining that can properly fulfill the draft pick, then it will auto-pick based on one of the 4 available methods specified by the commissioner:
    1. Skip the Pick
    2. Fantasy Sharks Player Rankings
    3. Average Draft Position (ADP) Rankings
    4. Fantasy Sharks Draft Coach.
    Also be aware that this commissioner option will also control how a player is picked if an owner has been placed on auto-pick by the system (either because they chose the "Away" option in a live draft or because they timed out too many times).