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Transaction Report Updates (Published Fri Feb 22 9:52:02 a.m. ET 2019)

The Transactions Report has been updated for Deluxe Leagues to allow you to choose the Division or Conference that you want to view transactions for. This allows you to filter out transactions from the other Conference(s), for example, when you are in a league where each Conference (or Division) has their own draft and their own player pool.

There are also a couple of new new transaction types that will appear for trades when the trade expires or when it becomes invalid for various reasons, such as if a player offered the trade is no longer on the franchise involved in the trade proposal.

In addition, the Transactions Report will now show when a transaction was performed by the commissioner with a (C) in the "Franchise" column of that report.

Finally, the Transaction report in general has been cleaned up to be more consistent, and all Player and Franchise Names are now linked from within the transaction descriptions.