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Auto-Insert Players into Starting Lineups (Published Sun Feb 17 6:26:48 p.m. ET 2019)

There is a new option on the Starting Lineup Setup screen to have the system Place Added Players In Starting Lineup If Possible. If you change this option to "Yes", then any players added via Waivers will be inserted into the starting lineup automatically if it results in a valid lineup. This option will help for leagues that have waivers processed late in the week or allow FCFS moves right before kickoff. For example, if the existing kicker on your roster is in your starting lineup from last week, but he is on bye or was injured last week, and you make a waiver move to drop him and pick up another kicker, the system will insert that new kicker into your lineup right away when you pick him up, which can save your owners a step and make sure they don't inadvertently leave a lineup spot open.