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Draft Order Setup Required (Published Mon Feb 11 4:52:10 p.m. ET 2019)

In previous years, the draft order would carry over from one season to the next when upgrading your league. That was causing confusion for a lot of leagues, especially since most leagues change their draft order based on the previous year's standings. It also caused problems for leagues that wanted to add or remove franchises, or add or remove rounds from one year to the next. Therefore, the system will no longer copy your draft order from the previous season. This means that All Leagues will be required to explicitly set up their Draft Order each season. If you don't set up the draft order, then then you won't be able to draft.

Also keep in mind that you should set your draft order BEFORE allowing any draft pick trades and BEFORE importing your Future Draft Pick trades from last year!

There are a few other settings that will be reset when upgrading the league now, such as the Franchise Abilities for Submitting Lineups and Performing Adds/Drops. These are being reset because some leagues would turn off the abilities for some teams during the playoffs or for other reasons, and it didn't make sense to carry over these disabled abilities into the new season.